Innovating Cutting-Edge Technology for Healthcare Industry
Scorg suite of software solutions enable doctors and healthcare industry to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to digitise workflows and collaborate on a single platform to provide patient-care with greatest accuracy and speed. We are committed to offering high-standard yet easily adaptable solutions that make healthcare a seamless experience for all stakeholders. Providing innovative solutions for the problem statement of our client is a mission that is critical to our daily operations.

Rescribe – Docuphi
Data Management System (DMS) for Hospitals

Convert Patient Records into Digital Assets
Designed in close association with doctors, Rescribe DMS efficiently integrates every element in patient record handling to streamline the unstructured patient data management process. It helps your healthcare staff to capture, organise and store patient data digitally making it accessible at the click of a button, from anywhere, anytime.

  • MRD Digitization to eliminate manual entry and errors
  • One-stop destination for multi-department records
  • Centralised Access to Complete Patient history
  • MIS Reports to control revenue leakages
  • Mobile apps for easy access to data

Rescribe – HIMS
Hospital Information Management Software

Technology-led Smart Hospital Management
Rescribe Hospital management software is designed to optimize workflows for consultants, nurses and other healthcare staff by streamlining administrative, financial, and clinical operations. Rescribe offers operational visibility that helps you track, monitor and analyse department-wise data and make informed business decisions

  • Centralised Access to all information
  • Seamless communication between the departments
  • MIS reports track operations & control revenue leakages
  • Real-time Financial tracking for better control
  • In-built Inventory management system

Rescribe MediQu
Digital Queuing Solutions

Reduce Chaos. Implement Queue Clarity
Rescribe web-based queuing system enables healthcare providers to enhance operational efficiency and patient healthcare experience by streamlining queue management and reducing patient wait-time. It helps you manage patient flow with easy-to-configure automated messages and notifications to guide them right from appointment booking to their entry and exit.

  • Appointment management
  • Real-time Queue Status Display
  • Queue Status Notifications to Patients
  • Priority for Emergency or Special case patients
  • Feedback system

Rescribe – Medilog
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

The Digital Patient Record Book
A scalable and flexible solution designed to support your practice for hassle-free consultation, improved patient-care and enhanced accuracy in diagnosis and treatment. Rescribe EMR lets you digitize and store patient data in chronologically-ordered format so you can access and manage your clinical documentation faster.

  • Digital records available at your Fingertips
  • Easy accessibility from anywhere, anytime
  • Hasslefree Paperless Consultation

Practice Management Software

Digitize Your Clinic Your Way
Rescribe offers an advanced cloud based practice management software that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your practice. Designed for single as well as multi-chain clinics, it enables doctors to manage paperless OPD, practice digitally on-the-go, and deliver improved healthcare experience.

  • Customizable templates
  • Library of clinical summaries for every specialty
  • Dedicated Account Manager for each clinic
  • Online Software with Optional Offline Mode for Internet Downtime
  • Ease in Scaling Business
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